Dec 12, 2023

Have you ever stopped to think about what keeps you steady when everything else is in flux? It's our attitude and mindset.

We're all caught up in this race, chasing status and dream jobs, tweaking our personal brands, but when do we get a chance to just be? Jenny Odell, in her book "How To Do Nothing," hits the nail on the head. She says it's not about ditching society. It's about finding a balance, taking a breather from the chaos to reconnect with what really matters – our community, our passions, our real selves.

And then there's, Luke Burgis. In his book "Wanting," he talks about how our desires are often just echoes of what others want. It's like we're all copying each other without even realizing it. But he also says there's a way out – by thinking deeply, by questioning what we truly want in life. It's about slowing down our thoughts, not just jumping to conclusions or solutions.

In this digital world, where we're always connected but somehow still running in place, our attitude is our secret weapon. It's what helps us pause, reflect, and make sense of everything. It's about finding those quiet spots, those moments of peace, where we can just be with our thoughts and figure out what really matters to us.

In the end, it's not about fighting the change or trying to keep up with every new thing. It's about knowing who we are and how we want to show up in the world, no matter what craziness is happening around us. Let's embrace the calm in the chaos, the power in taking a step back. Because, trust me, it's not the changes around us that define our journey – it's how we choose to respond to them

Steps to shape your attitude

  1. Nature Immersion Walks:

    Regular walks in nature without digital distractions can profoundly reset and refresh your mindset.

  2. Creative Expression Sessions:

    Dedicate time for a non-work-related creative activity. This could be painting, crafting, or any form of artistic expression.

  3. Cultural Exploration:

    Once a month, delve into a cultural experience outside your norm. This could involve trying new cuisines, attending cultural festivals, or learning about different traditions.

  4. Personal Growth Podcasts:

    Weekly, listen to a podcast that challenges your perceptions and encourages personal growth.

  5. Attitude Vision Board:

    Create a vision board that visually represents your ideal attitude. Include inspirational quotes, images, and anything that motivates you.