Nov 10, 2023

Hey there! Halloween's just waved goodbye, and here we are in November – the perfect time to kick back, reflect, and sprinkle a bit of gratitude in our lives. This year, let's mix things up a bit and find some unique, fun ways to say 'thanks' that'll not only brighten your day but also bring smiles to those around you.

Gratitude Journaling, Community Edition: Why not start a gratitude journal with a twist? Every day, jot down something or someone in your community you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s that super friendly barista who nails your coffee order every time, or the ever-smiling mail carrier. At month's end, why not post your gratitude highlights on your local community board or even on Reddit or Nextdoor? It's a great way to spread positive vibes in your town.

DIY 'Thankful for You' Cards: Get crafty and make some personalized 'Thankful for You' cards. Sending these to friends and family is like a warm hug through the mail. In our world of texts and emails, a handwritten card feels extra special. Pour your heart into each message, showing just how much they mean to you. Bonus: If you're into it, share your designs on Etsy or Pinterest. Who knows, this could spark a fun side hustle!

Kindness Bingo Challenge: Here's a fun one – create a bingo card but make each square an act of kindness. From buying a stranger coffee to volunteering, there's so much we can do. Make it a family or group challenge and see who can hit bingo by the end of the month. It's a win-win for everyone!

Gratitude Walks: Next time you're out for a walk, turn it into a 'gratitude walk'. Take in the beauty around you, appreciate the modern comforts we often take for granted, and notice those little acts of kindness happening all the time. Inspired by Jenny Odell’s book "How to Do Nothing," it’s all about stepping away from the digital world and soaking in the natural beauty around us. A great way to detox from the digital chaos and recharge your soul.

Skill-Sharing Get-Togethers: Host a skill-sharing meetup. It's a cool way to connect with others and learn something new. Everyone has a unique talent or skill, so why not share and learn from each other? It's about building community and appreciating the diverse skills we all bring to the table.

This November, let's embrace gratitude in all the little things we do. It's not just about grand gestures; it’s those everyday moments of thanks that really count. Let’s get creative, spread joy, and light up not just our lives but also those around us. Here's to a month filled with gratitude and heartwarming moments! 🍁🧡