Nov 13, 2023

Let’s use ChatGpt as an assistant to help you snag the best deals. I've been playing around with some query to safe some time from checking on reviews and doing comparison shopping.

Smart Budgeting: So, you’ve got $1000 to find the perfect gifts for four special people in your life, with a focus on making the first two gifts extra special. Here’s a smart, AI-assisted approach to not only split your budget wisely but also match each gift to their interests:

“Allocate my $1000 gift budget across four recipients, with a larger portion for the first two. The first person is an outdoor enthusiast, and the second is a gourmet food lover. The other two enjoy reading and tech gadgets, respectively. Suggest how to divide the budget to cater to these interests, ensuring the first two gifts are more substantial while keeping all gifts within the budget.”

Quality Check: Ever worry about buying something online and it turns out to be a dud? Here's where AI can be super handy. Ask it to pull together customer reviews on that Instant Pot you've been eyeing. You get the real scoop, minus the hassle of sifting through a million reviews. Ask ChatGPT: “Summarize customer feedback for the Instant Pot Duo Crisp from top retailers and highlight any recurring complaints.”

Ethical Shopping Made Easy: If you're into ethical shopping like me, AI can be a big help. Looking for eco-friendly clothing brands with good labor practices? Just ask, and you’ll get a list of shops offering what you need. It's like having a conscience-friendly shopping guide at your fingertips. Use prompt like:

“Find Cyber Monday deals on eco-friendly women's clothing from brands with a solid labor record, focusing on organic cotton products.” ChatGPT will hunt down deals that align with your values, ensuring your shopping spree is guilt-free.

Compare and Conquer: And here’s the real kicker – comparison shopping. Want to know if Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart has the best deal on that Samsung phone you want?

Cut through the sales noise with: “Compare Cyber Monday prices for the Samsung Galaxy S21 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, including warranties and return policies.”

Scam Alert: Nobody wants to fall for those pesky scams, right? Just get AI to flag legit deals and keep those scammy ones at bay, especially for those hot-ticket items like the PlayStation 5.

Avoid the traps with: “Identify legitimate Black Friday deals for PlayStation 5 bundles and alert me to common scams.” ChatGPT will keep you updated on genuine offers and help you steer clear of frauds.

Personalized Gift Hunting: And for gifts, AI is a lifesaver. Need something special for that tech-savvy, camera-loving teenager in your life?

Stuck on gift ideas? Try: “Suggest unique, sustainable gift ideas for a tech-loving, photography-enthusiast teen, focusing on small business deals for Cyber Monday.”

Using AI to make your holiday shopping not just easier, but smarter and more personalized. Give it a shot; you might be surprised at how much simpler and more fun shopping can be!